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Exploration clues from AEROMAGNETIC DATA - Are you missing them?

Emphasises the need to take time to make careful geological observations and to zoom in to the most appropriate scales. It also touches on some ‘big picture’ targeting matters.

From a Mile to a Chain - the story of Aeromagnetics in the Yilgarn Block

Relates the progress from 1950s BMR 1mile line spacing data, through the Aerodata 200m phase of the 1980s to the current trend to ultra-detailed (down to 20m) aeromagnetic coverage.

Integration of detailed Geological Mapping and Aeromagnetics
in Brownfields environments

Highlights the value of revisiting ‘old’ geological mapping and integrating this with ‘new’ detailed aeromagnetics. It illustrates the Hallberg mapping at Menzies, Kalgoorlie and Coolgardie.

How to get twice the Value from your Aeromagnetic Surveys

Emphasises the time needed to recognise subtle structures that may be the clues that lead to discovery.  Examples from both minerals and oil&gas exploration are presented.

Aeromagnetics, Geology and Exploration

Highlights the leading role that geologists must take in order to effectively work with aeromagnetics, and emphasises the need to take time & care in observations.

Structure and Stratigraphy from Aeromagnetic Data
within Sedimentary Basins

Illustrates the (largely qualitative) processes involved in interpreting aeromag in sedimentary basins. Includes examples from oil & gas (Amadeus Basin) and minerals (Galmoy, Ireland) exploration.

The Key Role played by Aeromagnetics in Mineral Discovery –
Geological Interpretation 40 Years On

This presentation by the late Prof. David Boyd at the Exploration ’07 Conference in Toronto gives his perspective on 40 years (since his landmark paper at the same conference in 1967) of exploration and discovery using aeromagnetics. Dave Isles co-authored the paper.

What is ‘Aeromagnetics’?

This provides an example of aeromagnetic application in geological mapping designed to encourage geologists who have not used aeromagnetics to become aware and enthusiastic.

Aeromagnetics in the Yilgarn Goldfields - Sucked Lemon or Budding Rose?

Debunks the notion that aeromag in the Yilgarn has been ‘done to death’ and highlights how much remains to be discovered about the structure and general geology of the Yilgarn Goldfields

The Importance of Regional Geophysical Data in Getting to the "Right Place" - Ken Witherly, 2017

This talk was presented by Ken Witherly (Condor Consulting Inc.) at the Decennial Mineral Exploration Conference (DMEC) Workshop, 2017. DMEC was hosted at the Prospectors & Developers Association of Canada (PDAC) Convention, Toronto, Canada.

Selected presentations from the 2017 DMEC-PDAC seminar on Regional Geophysical Data Analysis, initiated by Ken Witherly can be viewed here:

Decennial Mineral Exploration Conference (DMEC) Workshop Presentations - 2017

Ken also presents a brief introduction to the seminar in honour of Prof. David Boyd. To view, click link below:

Seminar to Honor Professor David Boyd (1926-2016) - Ken Witherly, 2017