These posters provide some samples of the work promoted on this website.


Aeromagnetics - The Modern Geologist’s ‘Special’ Tool

Illustrates the integration of detailed geological mapping with aeromag at scales of 1:25,000 (Pine Creek Inlier, Northern Territory) and 1:50,000 (Comet Vale-Goongarrie district, Western Australia).  Both are current areas of mineral exploration activity.

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(NOTE: the file is approximately 30Mb)



Insight through Interpretation (Hamersley Basin Example)

Outlines the Southern Geoscience approach to project integration and interpretation. The example used is the Turner Syncline, host to the Mt Tom Price iron ore deposits in the Hamersley Basin.

(Note: the file is approximately 7Mb)



J A Hallberg 1:25,000 scale Geological Mapping
(Western Australian Goldfields)

Provides details of the 55,000 sq kms of mapping coverage completed by Jack Hallberg from 1976 to 2006, much of which is now available in full GIS format.

PDF Information Brochure on the GIS Dataset

This PDF map is compiled and created in Mapublisher/Illustrator from the Hallberg Kalgoorlie GIS dataset (Mapinfo format)
(Note: the file is approximately 8Mb)