Dr Noel White review in Economic Geology

(Society of Economic Geologists, Economic Geology, v. 109, pp. 1495-1496, 2014)

“Although in some cases magnetic surveys are important for targeting in exploration, their greatest value is in the insights they give to basic geology. Just as every geologist must be able to interpret geological maps, so too they should be able to interpret aeromagnetic images. This book is a valuable resource for anyone who uses magnetic data, anyone who teaches others about the use of magnetic surveys, and anyone who wants to improve their knowledge and skills in this fundamental area of geoscientific interpretation. It is highly recommended.”



Dr Leigh Bettenay review in The Australian Geologist (TAG)

(Geological Society of Australia, The Australian Geologist (TAG), p48-49, December 2014)

“The authors are to be congratulated on producing a work with wide appeal and (I suspect) a long shelf life. I strongly recommend it to all geologists involved in mineral or hydrocarbon exploration, metallogenic studies or mapping programs. As is the case with geological mapping, some individuals will have more natural aptitude than others for aeromagnetic interpretation, but all would benefit from exposure to, and better knowledge of, the techniques involved. This book delivers that knowledge with style and panache.”



Australian Institute of Geoscientists online review

(Australian Institute of Geoscientists website, Posted on February 7, 2014, Updated on March 3, 2014)

“This book aims to help geologists to extract maximum value from aeromagnetic survey data. It shows how to integrate these data with geological data to build an interpretation that matches the objectives of your project. The book is written by two consulting geoscientists who deal with complex geophysical and geological interpretation problems in their day-to-day work.

The authors have prepared the book in response to the frequently cursory analysis of high-quality aeromagnetic data, usually caused by the absence of geologists’ active participation in the integration and interpretation process. They have seen the value of many datasets seriously eroded by under-use. Surveys costing $500 000 or more sometimes attract only a handful of days of interpreter time for assessment. Aeromagnetic data contain a wealth of geological information that may be overlooked if the analysis is con-strained to the ‘geophysical’ aspects and confined to geoscientists with predominantly geophysical training and a focus on the physics and mathematics of the data. The examples in this book show the level of geological detail and consequent exploration value that can be gained from adequate, well-focused time spent analysing aeromagnetic data.”

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The Geological Interpretation of Aeromagnetic Data eBook by Dave Isles and Leigh Rankin is available for download from the Australian Society of Exploration Geophysicists.