Why this book is for you...

This book aims to enable readers to extract maximum value from aeromagnetic survey data. It shows how to integrate geology with aeromagnetics to build an interpretation that matches the objectives of a project.

The book is essentially for geologists and, as we outline below, is written by two geoscientists who deal with complex geophysical and geological interpretation problems in their day-to-day work.

Our philosophy is that aeromagnetic data contains a wealth of geological data that may be overlooked if the analysis is constrained to the ‘geophysical’ aspects and confined to geoscientists with predominantly geophysical training and a predominant focus on the physics and mathematics of the data.

We emphasise that the main ingredients in a high quality interpretation are astute use of the geoscientist’s brain and adequate time, not only to digest diverse clusters of data, but to integrate these into a working map that drives the project forward. The rewards for this (usually modest) effort and time can be very substantial – a resource discovery, a quantum leap in understanding local geological evolution or a new direction and momentum in exploration to name a few.

Integration is the key word for our approach; not only geology and aeromagnetics, but also radiometrics, satellite imagery (including aerial photos and GoogleEarth), gravity and electromagnetic data where these are accessible for the project. Our prime focus is on aeromagnetics, because of the diverse and consistent range of geological information it provides. The tasks of observation, integration and interpretation that we describe in this book are predominantly simple and qualitative, requiring much more geological reasoning than heavy-duty physical or numerical analysis.

We encourage you to ‘jump in at the deep end’ to gather, observe and consider, and to begin to experience the adventures that the addition of aeromagnetics into your project will initiate.


The eBook is available NOW through the ASEG

The Geological Interpretation of Aeromagnetic Data eBook by Dave Isles and Leigh Rankin is available for download from the Australian Society of Exploration Geophysicists.