Courses Overview

Dave and colleagues present a range of courses, principally on aeromagnetic interpretation. Standard ‘open’ courses are described below, but ‘in-house’ courses and training programs can be tailor-made to suit client needs.

Most of our courses are run ‘in-house’ and many have been run at exploration bases and mine-sites.


1 Day Course: 'Aeromagnetics 101'

This is an introductory day designed to inform attendees of the range of applications of aeromag and the key steps involved in integration of aeromag with geology. It is suitable for both new graduate geologists and explorers who have had limited exposure to aeromag.

Cost (when run in Perth) $525


2 Day Course: 'Aeromagnetics 102'

This mini-workshop is designed to cover all the basics underpinning geological interpretation of aeromagnetic data and includes ‘hands-on’ exercises using modern exploration data sets. It is suitable for both new graduate geologists and explorers who wish to get a feel for the process of aeromag-geology integration.

Cost (when run in Perth) $960
(includes imagery and materials for interpretation exercises)


3 Day Course: ‘Interpretation and Structural Analysis of Aeromagnetic Data’

This workshop features hands-on exercises from a range of geological/exploration environments. It is designed to impart the basis integration skills to attendees and cover the processes of structural interpretation and exploration targeting. It is suitable for all geologists and geophysicists who wish to become proficient in aeromag-geology integration. It is usually presented by Leigh Rankin and Dave Isles.

Cost (when run in Perth) $1960
(includes all imagery and materials for interpretation exercises)


5 Day Field Course: 'Aeromagnetics, Geology & Exploration'

This course extends the training to the realm of field checking of interpretations. Covering all of the topics in the 3 Day course, it includes work on a local data set and a day in the field assessing, reviewing and revising the ‘desktop’ interpretation. Current locations for this course are Kalgoorlie, Adelaide and Perth, and plans are in place to expand to Broken Hill, Charters Towers, Mt Isa, Mt Tom Price and Darwin. These courses are presented by Leigh Rankin and Dave Isles, usually accompanied by a local ‘expert’ geologist. Jack Hallberg is the co-presenter for the Kalgoorlie course.

Cost varies according to location and class size, but is usually around $3000

Contact Dave Isles for more information on courses and availability