Southern Geoscience Consultants

SGC provides a wide range of geophysical and geological consulting services for the mining, oil & gas and groundwater sectors.  Dave Isles provides project consulting services through his affiliation with SGC. Find out more about SGC here.


Geointerp - Leigh Rankin

Leigh is a consulting structural geologist who provides mapping and interpretation services from drill core to continental scale, worldwide.  Leigh and Dave have collaborated on aeromagnetic training courses since 1994 and they are co-authors of the ebook 'Geological Interpretation of Aeromagnetic Data’. Leigh can be contacted by clicking the button below.

DataMapping- Bill Hitch

Bill provides specialist GIS and Cartographic Services for the mining sector and is the compiler and distributor of the Hallberg Yilgarn GIS 1:25,000 scale geological mapping.  Dave and Bill collaborate on a number of aeromagnetic-geology integration projects.

Jack Hallberg

Jack is renowned for his comprehensive 1:25,000 scale geological mapping of the Yilgarn Block gold and nickel provinces. Compiled from 1976 to 2006, and including over 300 standard sheet areas covering 55,000 square kilometres, the Hallberg Mapping has been a cornerstone for exploration since that time.

Jack, along with Bill Hitch collaborates with Dave on a number of integration projects and Jack is a co-presenter of the Kalgoorlie-based course ‘Aeromagnetics, Geology and Exploration’ with Dave and Leigh Rankin.