Aeromagnetics, Geology and Exploration

A 5 Day field course
presented by Dave Isles, Leigh Rankin and Jack Hallberg
Location: Kalgoorlie



Methodology of Aeromagnetic Interpretation

Introduction- What can we do with aeromagnetics?
The Observation Layer
Observing & Delineating Magnetic Rock Bodies (Golden Dyke Exercise)
Filtering and Display of Aeromagnetic Data
Magnetisation in Rocks
Aeromagnetic (Geological) Anomalies
Qualitative Aeromagnetic Interpretation- Solid Geology(Golden Dyke)
StructuralModels –recognising and resolving structures in aeromagnetics.
The importance of regional context (Golden Dyke)
Structural Interpretation and Exploration Targeting


Integrating Aeromagnetics with Geology

Field Mapping
Rock Nomenclature
Field ID & Descriptions
Kalgoorlie Geology for Beginners
Kalgoorlie Aeromagnetics – Regional Context for Mt Hunt
Mt Hunt – Aeromagnetic Observations
Magnetisation in the Kalgoorlie Rock Sequence
Mt Hunt - Solid Geology Interpretation
Structural History ofthe Kalgoorlie Region
Mt Hunt - Structural Interpretation
How to Use a Magnetic Susceptibility Meter


Field Observation - Mt Hunt

3 key traverses that best expose the key rock packages and allow recognition of the magnetic rock units and appreciation of structural styles.

Attention will be drawn to the variety of cover and the degree to which weathering and scree can hamper mapping (including the recognition of magnetic rock units).

The objective is to field-check the desktop interpretation as a precursor to ’finalising’ the solid geology, structure and exploration targeting in the project area.


Preparation and Presentation of Exploration Maps

Compilation of Geological and Exploration Maps
Integration of Mt Hunt field observations with desktop interpretation
Preparation of Solid Geology Map and Structural Overlay
Targeting in the Kalgoorlie Region:

  • the geophysicist
  • the structural geologist
  • the specialist mapper

Definition of target areas and formulation of exploration programs
Teamwork / discussion /debate
Presentation by each team
Forum – the roles of aeromagnetics, radiometrics, gravity, airborne EM and satellite imagery in mapping and exploration


‘Difficult’ Exploration and Structural Studies

Experimental Deformation
Widgiemooltha Gold & Nickel Exploration Study  
Charters Towers – Mt Leyshon- Observations in a batholith Environment
Magnetisation in Rocks II- Unusual Behaviour
Charters Towers – Mt Leyshon- Solid Geology in a batholith Environment
Modelling, Inversion and other Quantitative Tools
Aeromagnetics in Sedimentary Basins
Forum – participant data sets, rocks and problems with aeromagnetics